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Serving as our Quebec centre of operations, Defron's Montréal bureau is comprised of bilingual security professionals trained to the highest industry standards applicable in the province of Quebec.  Since 2014, Our commitment to our  clients safety and property operations has not only lead to Defron Security being the go to security solutions for businesses and events in the Montréal area, but also lead to Defron providing services to  several national, provincial and public establishments in Quebec. Currently our Montréal bureau provides a wide range of personnel solutions including facility security,  concierge, event and entertainment security, close protection, and mobile guarding services. 

Defron has a proven track record of providing solutions to  clients across a wide array of industries in Canada.  Considering the diversity in the clientele we serve, we are able to provide a client tailored security program to serve all our clients security needs and expectations. Whether you have a facility, event or personal security requirement, we will take the time to consider all aspects of your security requirements and develop a quality security program to address your security needs and budget. 


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